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Point of the Game: To participate in a Compassion Relay means you are willing to receive, carry, and pass on the Compassion Torch! The point of this game is to spread the light of compassion by discovering, inspiring and sharing the power of compassionate action in everyday life.

How to Play: Carry the Compassion Torch for each day of one week, writing down or capturing a thought or action that shows compassion in your daily life. You can do this through any medium, including art, music, photo, video, or writing.

Pass the torch to friends, family, and colleagues! Share your experiences with them and encourage them to explore compassion in their daily lives as well.

Pass the torch with the one of the invitations found below:



* Share the results of your RELAY on Compassionate St. Louis’s Facebook Page!

* To earn points for St. Louis submit a report on the Compassion Games Map!