There are many ways that individuals and teams can play, from organizing creative and regenerative service projects for the Earth to performing acts of kindness toward all members of life.

All players will receive a Secret Agent of Compassion mission to use each day of Serve the Earth Week, offering meaningful, tangible ideas and inspiration for activities as a way to participate in the Love This Place.

* Share the results of your service projects, acts of kindness, and daily missions on Compassionate St. Louis’s Facebook Page!

Four Steps to Play

STEP 1: Sign up


Sign up as an individual or team to play and prepare for Serve the Earth Week!

STEP 2: Play Your Hearts Out


Organize service projects, inspire and commit acts of kindness, and find ways to to give back to the Earth, your local wildlife, bioregion, and community! Play as Secret Agents, and partake in the daily missions.

STEP 3: Report and Reflect


After your compassionate actions and service, report on your activities and outcomes on the Compassion Report Map, capturing the number of volunteers, hours served, monies raised, and people served!

STEP 4: Share and Celebrate


Share and celebrate your accomplishments on Compassionate St. Louis’s Facebook Page to elevate compassion in the world and inspire others to play!